$3 Million houses in Orlando sitting on the market…

folks this is crazy these houses behind me they're worth over $2 to3 million here in Orlando Florida this is a housing market that four or five years ago very few houses were over a million now we have an entire Street of houses near $3 million and this goes to show just how much home prices have gone up in Orlando and Florida more generally since the pandemic started in this ZIP code in Winter Park Florida prices have appreciated 50% The Last 5 Years but now things are starting to change the inventory has started to SP bike there's fewer people moving to Florida and now I wonder are these multi-million dollar homes going to face a big crash in the coming years because I don't know who can afford these houses folks the monthly payment to own one of these puppies is around 15,000 a month if you buy it with a mortgage something that very few people living locally in Florida can afford and what's scary is if you head to ww.

rent. op you can see that in this ZIP code home prices crashed.

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