America’s Biggest Landlord. They own more than 85,000 houses.

so the house behind me here is owned by America's biggest landlord it's a Wall Street firm they own over 8,000 of houses like this all across America their name you might not have heard of them before but they're the biggest owner Invitation Homes and I want to show you what they did on this house here they bought it in 2021 for around 320,000 and they've increased the rent get this everyone from 1,900 a month to 2700 a month and now this property here in Nashville is just sitting vacant on the market and you can see what these Wall Street landlords do is they kind of like play games with the rent like they jack up the rent and then cut the rent and then increase it again and then cut it again however if they get 26 or 2700 a month that will actually be a great investment CU that will be a roughly 10% gross yield on their purchase price 3 years ago which is pretty pretty good pretty good return however I don't know if they're going to get it folks I just see more and more of these vacant rentals from these Wall Street landlords sitting on the market you guys can let me know what you're seeing in your neighborhood are you saying the same thing

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