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Home belonged to my father in law, who
unfortunately passed away due to cancer in 2019. He was a single father. He did everything that a father was supposed
to do for his son, even leaving me the house. We had this idea to build into a short term
rental property. The design plan we have in mind was possibly
be a two bedroom, two and a half bath. We're open to any floor plans that they may
have for us. Whatever makes the House more profitable. So what's their budget? Well, they owe nothing. That's the great thing. Anything they do is going to be just a cherry
on top. Because I've looked at comparables. Homes are selling between 3 and 400,000,
even for two bedrooms in the area. Okay.
You said in the area. Where are we going? East Point. East Point. It's a quickly developing
neighborhood. They are minutes from the airport, which is
great for short term rental.

So they walked in several hundred thousand
dollars of equity and they have on hand between 125 and 130 to renovate it. It's got to be. Exciting for you to see the neighborhood
transform into something you know a little better than how you grew up. Absolutely. What's going on? Good people. Great to see you guys. Good to. See you. I see the potential. I see the potential. This is Dad's. House. Yes, this is Dad's house. This is where you grew up? Yes. Yeah. Now, I know you said your dad started
renovating this house before he passed. So am I to expect mostly studs inside? Yes. Two bedrooms, two bedrooms, one bath
before we even walk in? You know what our goal is? Yeah. Find a way to add more baths, because
I was looking at the comparables for the area, and everybody has one and a half to
two baths. You got to bring that up. Yeah. 900ft² might be hard. Yeah, but not impossible. After you. So from the floor plan you sent
me, as we enter through the front porch, we walk straight into the living room and to
our right, we should have our kitchen and dining area along with a den.

Then on our left, we have two bedrooms, one
bath. Dining room slash eat in eating, eating area
here. So this is where it all went down, down every
night. The conversations, the punishments, the
talking to the talking to. How many of you lived here? Just me and my dad. You and your. Dad? Yeah. Gotcha. All right. This was the kitchen. Kitchen? Yes, there is. Slash den. Guess it was an addition. I love that your dad started the demo because
it allows me to see things that I wouldn't usually see before we started demo. I'm assuming this is probably why they said
let's stop. Right? They got to this point and realize
it's more than they expected. Yeah, it's just rotted straight through.

It looks to me like the roof of the den has
to come off. The whole thing has to come. All has to come off. Okay. So we're going to have to take that into
consideration budget wise. Okay? Okay. Bathroom was here. Okay. This is the primary bedroom. So this was Dad's room? Yes. Dad's room point. Yes. This is my room. Quick story. I can see my dad. He's on the way. I can see him coming down
the hill. I had to hurry up. Try to clean up real
quick. Wow. Is it weird being in here? Yes, it is.

It brings back a lot of a lot of
memories here. So walking through, I can tell you this,
aside from that area in the back where the wood is all rotted out, what I'm looking at
so far on the framing, the studs are actually in good condition. However, the windows or the. Windows not. As a whole. When your windows are in this
condition, that's going to be a big ticket item for you. Even if you were going to say
Egypt. But can we save them and just paint them and
clean them up? Is that where you were on that? You know me. I know. Well, because honestly, you'd wind up paying
for them ten times over in the long run, if you're keeping this house, all your energy
is going to go right out those windows. Makes sense. You know? With that said,
there's only so much we can do without putting an addition on. Okay. In my opinion, we could close the porch
off to add extra square footage, meaning just enclosing that porch area, get rid of this
whole wall and now this becomes a big open space.

I like the the open concept there. I'm not buying it. Why? What's happening? Um, I guess you're trying to cut into my
memories a little bit. You know this? It's getting a little
emotional. A little bit for me. Like I said, I was I was raised here. I have to say this right. I recognize that this is a sentimental place
for you. Right. And that you're still dealing with
and coping with, you know, your father's passing. Are you ready for this? Yeah, yeah. No, but yeah, I'm fully ready. I'm ready. Okay. Okay. I'm going to tell you now before we
even get in the house to do any designing, all of the windows have to come out. That's a big ticket item. Big ticket item. Okay. But my first concern is checking out the
extent of this roof damage. Look at all this. The rocks a little bit more extensive than we
thought. Yeah, way more. It's not just water damage. It's a lot of termite damage, too. Yeah, I saw that. Pretty much reframing this
entire side of the house.

Yeah, I agree. All right. What's good? Knocked out. Gotta do what we got to do. That's right. Are we looking? We've taken out the porch, added new windows,
and completely reframe the interior. While the work on the roof continues in the
back of the house. All right, We got here. Just have a seat. Grab a chair. Now, I was thinking to go boho chic. It works for me. What is boho chic? You're so honest. You're so honest. I love it. It's like an artsy, casual vibe, a comfort
of home, but from an artsy perspective. Now, obviously, we have a budget we have to
stay within, but we had an entire house to do and the exterior. So that's kind of mentally where I'm going
to make our dollar stretch. Okay. Okay. Exterior, we know we're doing
the siding. Okay. These are colors to choose from now. Mind you, we're doing a short term rental,
not one you're going to live in.

So we want it to feel aspirational. Is there anything that stands out to you And
tell me why? I'm loving the the darker tones. If we went this is sort of the gray blue. But if we committed to a blue blue right
here. Before before you object, it matches your
blazer. And that's my my inspiration. And then we could actually, you know, pop it
with a white trim. Okay. So now that's giving us that. That sort of artsy, vibrant bungalow vibe. We like that. I love that. Yes. Okay, So here's the vision. We'll start the modernizing in this old
kitchen with an island, pull up soft seating, then to give these white shaker cabinets
more of a custom feel, we'll run quartz stone on the countertops and up the backsplash
with a ledge.

Okay. I like that. You do? Okay, good. Over in your living room, I'm
thinking we'll install a ventless fireplace, and then we'll add a white cast stone for
the mantel. Black accent wall behind for contrast. And we'll run new LVP flooring, which is
durable, easy to clean, great for short term rental properties. We'll put that
throughout. Construction on the roof has been completed
and the dry rod is gone. The front porch is no more. And we even frame the new en suite bathroom
in the primary bedroom. With your own home. Inject all your personal tastes with a
property that you're going to market as a short term rental. It has to be
aspirational. People are going to decide whether they want
to stay there or not based upon the photos and the marketing online. So you've got to stretch for something they
wish they could have at home, which is why having an eye catching kitchen is so

Here's what I'm thinking for the kitchen now
I want to make some changes. I think we should pull this out two more
feet. What do you have? This at six feet now,
right? That's at six feet right now. So I want to
bring it out to eight feet, which will bring it to right here. And what that does is, is
it fully balances and defines the foyer. I kind of like this open space, though. So we're going to bring this out to. All right. Well, let me explain. I'm not
gonna fight you on.

Can I explain why? What is gained by that? We get a real focal wall for the kitchen. Okay? We also get additional storage. So even though you like being able to look
at the door from here, you can step here and still see the door. Gotcha. But what I gain
is an additional cabinet and balance for the kitchen. Right? With only three weeks away from Gregory and
Africa seeing their new short term rental property and things are moving fast. Blue siding has gone up all along the
exterior and the backyard has been cleared out. I really wanted to add a little extra boho
vibe to the kitchen island, so I'm giving it a little more texture with these coconut
shell tiles and the kick plate. It works, especially when you're dealing
with a very small footprint for a kitchen and you want to bring a high design element to
it. Nice. Babe, look what came in the plaque. In loving memory of Gregory Burks, May the
God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace.

Put it right in the middle of the bench. And that's a nice touch. Yeah, I love that. So thoughtful. Love it. Oh, this looks good. Oh, you like it? I like it. Okay, so this is going to be my
new jam, babe. Coconut shell panels. Really easy. All I used was a tube of
adhesive to put it on. Under $1,000. Now, mind you, as an investment property,
people are going to destroy it. They're going to kick it. All you have to do
is pop it right off and replace it with another one. Oh, yes. This is gonna be good. Hi. What's up, guys? How are you? Don't look nervous. Oh, nervous. Excited. Let's do it. Let's do it. What's going on? What's going on? You feel. Good? Did you keep them away? Do the best that I could. No. You were doing the drive by. Yeah. You saw when the blue siding went up? Yes, I did. I love it. I really love it. I want to know you pull up, right? What's going through your mind? I was thinking about where we started with
the whole demo.

It was gut it out. Everything. Until what we at right now? This is amazing. This used to have a porch, remember? Yes, we closed it. What do you think of that? It's gone. Bye bye. And it gave us more square footage, too. Don't forget. Africa. How are you feeling? I'm loving it. Are you loving it? It's beautiful. You know what I think you're going to love? There's something special on that bench over
there. Go check it out. Don't do me like this guy. I knew y'all were going to do this to me. It. I'm lost for words. It's beautiful. Thank you. Oh, Africa. Yes. See you. Okay. Yeah, this was a personal project of mine. He told my wife, I believe that you or you
told her that you spent a lot of time outside with your dad.

Right? So wanted to
commemorate him. So every time you come here, he's here. I think you guys. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it, man. Thank you. Thank you. I think we just need to give him a moment. It's a lot. Check out your new old house. Okay. Wow. I could have. Never expected it to turn out like this. This is amazing. And if you remember, this is where you would
enter the house. So closing that screened in porch and
removing the wall. Here, it gave you some real dimension. Okay. Also gave us additional square
footage. Exactly. Oh, look at this sitting area. You like this? I love this. My wife. Made that. Wow. That is beautiful. Beautiful work. Thank you. I made it out of a rug. No, total project. Maybe less than 150 bucks. You're so creative. Yes. Yes. That's amazing. Well, what do you think of the new living
room? Wow. I could have never imagined. No, never. This is wonderful. Guys, This is. Wow. Take it all in. Take it all in. You can touch.

You can move whatever you want to do. Never thought of a fireplace can go in there. Wow. Man, this is beautiful. What was there before, Gregory? A wall. A wall. A blank wall. But also because of the type of fireplace we
chose. It's not wood burning. So this is list. You don't want an open
flame when you have renters. You can use a remote to turn it on and off. Best of all, you can also access it on your
phone if no one's here and turn it off.

And if any fingerprints get on it, you can
wash it right off. Here's my question, though. Yes. How do you feel about that island? I must admit we were wrong. Oh, you were wrong? Yes, it is absolutely
beautiful. Yes. Yes. That's all I wanted to hear. Thank you. I can go to bed tonight and I can
tuck in and have a good night's sleep. So this changes your mind about islands and
kitchen forever. Forever. Oh. Okay. How you integrated the faucet into the
island. I love that. And the. Waterfall. Of the waterfall. Love the waterfall. Here. Love it. Well, if you love that, I got to show you
this. You have one of a kind coconut facade that
my wife did for you. Coconut? Well, I wanted to give you something custom
that added an elevated look.

Coconut Island. I like that. There was one more thing missing. Now you actually have a second bath. Go around the corner here. Check it out. Yes. Oh, wow. Wow. Look at this. Wow. This is it, guys. Right on the money. Yeah. I don't know. Money here. I love. Now, this is an ensuite which you didn't have
before. There was one bathroom and two very small
bedrooms, but we fit a queen in here, and you need to have at least a queen on a rentable. Yes. This is pocket door. Barn door. Barn door. Okay, well, not. A barn door. See? Did we miss them? No. You didn't mess up anything. She hates that she hurts. She hates that terminology. So, slider door. Oh, so she does. It's your house. It's a barn door. The second bathroom was what we needed. I love this. I love this bathroom. The talent is excellent. Craftsmanship is beautiful..

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