Homes selling for $15,000,000 in America’s most expensive neighborhood

folks these gated communities in California are absolutely out of control you look at the houses on the inside of these communities they go for 10 15 20 even $ 30 and $40 million because I'm actually standing in the most expensive zip code in America everyone where the median list price for a house is get this $15 million according to the Wall Street Journal 92657 here in Newport Coast it's the most expensive housing market in America something that's caused the median list price of a house in this ZIP code to go from 5 million before the pandemic to million today literally the values have tripled and I don't know where these wealthy people keep coming from you guys can let me know your thoughts in the comments below and also make sure to go to ww. R.A where you can look at data on the most expensive zip codes to buy a house in America.

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