Investor taking HUGE LOSS. Zestimate cut 31%.

Wall Street investors are taking massive losses on these houses here in Florida on this listing behind me at a 25% loss it's listed for 330,000 they bought it for 445,000 2 years ago and the owner get this folks the owner has a portfolio of nearly 50,000 homes Across America and they're now dumping properties onto the US housing market this marks a huge shift in this housing cycle for a long time the investors were buying homes and pushing prices up that is no longer the case investor purchases are down 60% from the pandemic Peak and we have more and more examples that I'm showing you guys here on this channel of investors selling at a massive loss this is something that could cause huge declines in prices in many cities Across America because the investors I mean they own a quarter of the homes half the homes in certain neighborhoods in America so if they're selling Look Out Below head to ww.

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