Massive price cuts in Florida. Flippers taking 20% haircuts.

The Flipper on this house behind me they've cut the price by $60,000 because this area in Florida it's collapsing right now the inventory is spiking the price cuts are spiking we're seeing more and more sellers have to reduce the list prices however here's the problem everyone why you should be very careful buying a house in Florida this year if you look at uh this house and you look at the listing on Zillow it's $390,000 for three bed two bath 1100 ft that's still very very expensive even with that $60,000 price cut in a zip code here in Largo Florida where the median household income is only $60,000 a year the local home buyers they can't afford these prices and we've seen a big decline in people moving in from other states to buy in Florida I suspect you can let me know if you agree I suspect we're going to have to see these prices go down by more in Florida before the buyers come back in you can head to ww.

rent. app to track the data in Florida's housing market for yourself and let me know what you're seeing on the ground.

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