The collapse of Austin, TX is getting worse! (CNBC Interview)

I was actually one of those people who moved to Austin in 2020 and 2021 so I saw it firsthand prices there went up 50 60% in 2 or 3 years and now they're almost down 20% already during the pandemic people moved there because you could you know you could live you could like go to dinner when you could in other places so the housing market went insane and people again was like well it'll never go down it'll never whenever I hear the words never ever forever it doesn't matter what the asset class is that's when I get nervous 100% Brian I believe the the word is uh this time is different is what people say and you're right you have to be very skeptical anytime someone tries to tell you that a market will never go down because I I saw it in so many different cities in this housing cycle Austin Phoenix Boise Idaho Tampa uh Jacksonville in a lot of these markets people said it would never go down but as we speak it's starting to go down and The Telltale sign is those inventory figures.

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