Top 5 Cities LOSING the most people in 2024

these are the top five cities that are losing the most people due to outbound migration right now number five San Diego a Metro that lost 20,000 people in the most recent year you can see San Diego has now lost people for almost 8 years in a row number four the San Francisco Bay area where net 23,000 people left that's actually a massive improvement from The Exodus during the pandemic however it's still a negative territory number three Chicago a Metro which has now lost people every year going back 22 years with the area hemorrhaging people and losing 37,000 in 2023 number two Los Angeles were a massive 100,000 people leaving and then of course our number one city losing people to migration New York New York has lost 133,000 in the most recent Year and that even includes the outlying suburbs to access that migration data for your County Metro and state go to ww. rent. apppp and sign up for a Premium plan

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