Townhouse costs $7,500/month to RENT in California

I'm going to show you guys just how crazy the rental rates are in California this is a three- bed house behind me everyone and it's on the market for 7500 a month now it's fully furnished it's got that going for it and it's near the beach however you take a look at the pictures on the inside and you realize that this rental hasn't been renovated in decades and yet the landlord wants 7500 a month I mean this is the insanity of California's rental market right now if you go on reventure app you can see that the typical rent in Orange county and San Diego is nearly 3 ,000 a month just for the standard place and yeah if you want three bedrooms be prepared to pay $7,000 and ultimately one has to ask how sustainable is this situation in California with the rent so high I mean it makes it impossible to save money and it's forcing lots of people to leave the state cu the median household here has to pay nearly 45% of their gross income on rent according to data that you can access on reventure app right now

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