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We're meeting with Kristen and Chris. The Chris is, I call calling the Chris's. They've just moved from Brooklyn and they
have the most adorable little son. Okay. How old is he? He's like four or five, I think. Four. Okay. All these houses look old. Charming, you see? Old and charming. And I think about all the
work that I'm going to. Do to fix this. The point is, we can't afford
something that's already fixed up. We have to get something that probably are
going to have to do work on the Marietta Square area.

West Cobb. Marietta. Yeah. So perfect for us because
the Marietta has a little square. Hopefully we'll find something that we can
walk to. Yeah, like from the house. Yeah. Go get coffee and Wyatt can play on the
playgrounds there. Right now, we're staying with my parents in
the Marietta Square area. So our budgets for 75. I feel like we absolutely have to have three

Two bathrooms would be really nice. I want to be in this area to be close to my
parents, but we're just ready for our to have our own space. Yeah. Welcome, guys. Beautiful. You will see the minute we get on the other
side of the door. This house has some serious challenges. But we'll talk through them. Come on in.

Welcome home. Okay. But wait. Why does this just stop right here? This is one of the biggest issues of the
house. There is no hallway. So in order to get through the house, you
have to walk through all the other bedrooms. It is a crazy floor plan that makes no
sense. And we've got to make it make sense. First thing, you walk in the front door and
you're greeted by a wall. Who wants that? You have no access to the
rest of the house and you have to walk through every bedroom to get to the other
bedroom. Not to mention you have one full bath.

Okay. So this is a bedroom? Mm hmm. Do you notice we don't have a door? Oh, no, wait. What room. Is this? The main suite. Okay. And there's a beautiful bathroom. I do like the size of that bathroom. This is the only full bath. There's only one full bath. One full band. So you walk back through, and
now you're in another bedroom. So pretty. Okay, But you go through this, the old
railroad style. So this is. The only way through the. House? Yes. You come through the front door,
into this bedroom, into that bedroom, into the kitchen. But this is supposed to be like a bedroom,
too, right? This is bedroom number three. Oh, no, I understand you're concerned with
that, but we have a plan. By blowing through the wall, opening up this
hallway, we're going to gain two full baths.

That would make it a little better. But I have to warn you, we're going to see
the rest of the house. And there's something else that is going to
stump you. I don't know any more. Out of the bedroom, the kitchen. Into the kitchen. Well, what is that? And why is it over there? That's the stove. In the living room. Whoa. Aesthetically not appealing. But it's not a big deal. Just got to get my plumber out here. Move that gas line and reroute it wherever
you want. Look at this amazing family room back here. This is really pretty. I like this room. The kitchen. I don't know how you would fix
the kitchen. I do. With the new hallway down the center of
the house, we'll wall off the old doorway from the bedroom, which will give the
perfect spot to move the stove. Then we can maximize your kitchen space with
the cabinets and open shelving. Oh, that's a good idea. Yeah. Renovation construction wise, you're
about 75 k this house.

They're asking 380,000. But I think it's going to go for over. I'm going to be honest with you. They
already have two offers. So if you want this one, I have to go
higher. So if you wind up somewhere around 400,
we're at 475. That's your budget. This seems like a lot. It's in this pricey. But it is all about location. This is exactly where you want it to be. All right, babe, I've got to make a quick
call. Okay. All right. I'm just doubling back to see how
we stand with our offer.

Great. Bye. Bye. So we got the house? Yes. We won in a bidding war. 2000 over the highest and best offer. And I found out the sellers didn't want to
have to pay to move the furniture, and my clients wanted the furniture, so I use that
in negotiations to get it for free. After four weeks, our permits are finally
done and we are ready to get started. Here we go. Okay, this is it. First step. Knock out the walls in that
hallway. Mark? Yeah. Come here. I want to show you this wall at
the front door. You see this? Yeah. You know what this means. So basically, this structure here, this wall
was not there back then. So there's a new addition. Then we have a good chance that this is the
original car door going through to the back of the house. So are you thinking this floor runs all the
way through? I'm thinking it does. Oh, that would be awesome. That's going to be great. You hear that? I think we'll be old, Nancy. I think we'll be lucky.

What do we have here? What are you that I see? Two by four? Yeah, you know. There you go. What is that? It's my happy dance. That's your happy dance. So originally, the whole world was here. So that means we don't have the new
flooring. I know, man. It's a great thing, isn't it? We have the original flooring underneath. We don't do any lace since we can do the
repair. Yeah. Knock, knock. Oh, look at you. Hey, now. Yeah, This just feels better,
doesn't it? It does. I have no idea why they had a wall here. So I got a call from Uncle Mark saying they
found a new problem while installing pipes.

Hey, man, we got that call. And this is where we're at with this. We have issues with the joists. Let me. I'm jump down here and I'll show
you. We found that they had actually cut the
Joyce's to do their plumbing. So it was literally just hanging. That's why this floor was dipping. And we had so much bounce in there. So we're going to reinforce that. We're going to put new choices in here. So wait, no subfloor. Yeah. And that's the additional thing. There is no sub flooring. This actual yellow
pine is laid directly joist to joists. Joyce You know, when you're dealing with
construction, you never know what you're going to find under the floors, behind the
walls. It's almost like opening up Pandora's box. Good morning, guys. How are you all doing? Okay. We're nervous about what this is about. I would be, too. I can tell. I can see it on your face. We had to open up the floor to get to the

Once we pull this flooring up. If you look at your joists, this one here. They just cut it where the pipe was going
through here. You couldn't have known it when you purchase
the property because you had to dig and open this stuff up before you knew. I hate having to be the bad guy. That's never fun. Never fun. The good news is by redoing the
joists and floor, we won't have that step up anymore.

The bad news is redoing the joists
is going to add money and time. I just hope it won't put us too far behind. It's going to be about 2000 2500 in that
range because we have to re support a lot of the other areas of the floor too. Well, you have to do what you got to do. Right. Okay. Well, thank you. All right. Nope. Yeah, no problem. Enjoy the rest of your day. I think we go this way. Gosh, it's like a labyrinth in here. We're going to have to leave breadcrumbs. Chris and Kristen have storage units full of
furniture, things that they brought in from out of town when they moved and all the
furniture from the previous owners. I was able to include it in the sale. That's the good news. So we really just need to look at
everything, make some good choices on which items work and which items don't. How are we supposed to see anything? Your favorite.

Okay. I'm just trying to. I'm looking for. Oh, What? Oh, my gosh. She got killed by Cheers. Death by deer. Oh, it's four of them, huh? I'm just looking for that other sofa. It's under here. Oh, goodness. Och, yeah. I think it's a good size. Yeah, I think that tan leather sofa has just
the right rustic mid-century look that we're going for. We can use that. Over at the Chris's. We are still behind,
but we're moving along. We're going to play catch up. The hallway walls are finished. That old bathroom is now divided into two
genius. The crew is installing the kitchen cabinets
and then they're going to get them painted. The Chris's favorite aqua smoke color in a
few days so they get a free mantle. I pay just a few dollars for some tile. It's going to add immense value to the room
design wise, definitely aesthetically in value to the house. This room is so expansive, so it needs a
focal point.

That's what it's lacking right now. You know, we can really make this a moment
in a feature for the room. But on top of that, we have this amazing
mantel. Yes, a Craftsman style mantel like this can
set a homeowner back around 3000, however, by repurposing this mantel from an old jobsite. Whew. I'm glad Mike didn't throw this away. The Chris's are now going to get it for the
super low cost of free 99. And it looks like it will cover the extra
cost from the joist problem. Yes. All right. Babe. I got you all set up. I picked this pattern tile because the color
works perfectly with the colors in the living room. Beige, dark blue and gray. The pattern also accomplishes my main goal
of pulling attention to the new fireplace around.

So what are we doing? Are we centering them,
putting them, even them out left or right? What are we doing? Meanwhile, back at the Chris's, I've just
been told that we have some shipping delays due to supply chain issues. So I'm going over there to talk to Mark
about it. We may be going over a day. I don't want to go over a day. The towel isn't in. We still haven't laced
in the floors. We still got to get the wallpaper off the
front room and we've still got to give my wife some time to get in here and decorate. Right. So can you guarantee me we can finish
this in time? We will get it done in time. We have the backsplash going in today. We're starting with the floors. My wife still has to get in here and.

Design when they're done. Kristen sent me a floral towel that she
really loved for the main bath. So that has been installed. The double sink vanity is also in the
kitchen. Cabinets are painted check. And for Wyatt's room, I want to do a camping
theme. So I came across a super cute tent that's
going to go up and across his bed. Somebody put the books on the wall. There we go. I get the boots. Jesus. All that's left to do with the final touches
and cross our fingers that we brought their dream home to life. They're coming. Hi, guys. Oh, my gosh. So exciting. So we're getting ready to turn the house over
to Chris and Kristen. I'm so excited. You know, I have butterflies
in my stomach at the same time, right? Because I hope we nailed this.

Yeah, I feel like we have. I think, you know, to see the reaction,
Right? Wow. Oh, my goodness. It looks like a completely different place. The wall was like right here. Goodness. Because this was your old entry to your
owner's suite. Yeah. This door was the door to your closet
slash laundry room, cause. Oh, my gosh, the floors are so pretty. Wow. I just remember thinking, like, how do
you get from the front of the house to the back. Of the house? So now, for the main part of
the house, are you ready to see it? Yes. Yes. Turn around and take it in now. Okay. Okay. Oh, my. Gosh. Wow. It's so pretty. Oh, my goodness. I mean, this is not real. It doesn't even look like the same place at
all. Look at how big the kitchen is..

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