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So many of you want to know how we can start a business in our real estate and that too with zero investment. Because there are many people who want to move ahead in the real estate industry, but they do not have capital, they do not have money, then how will they grow? Maybe this question has come to your mind and you want to know that if I want to start my real estate business, then how will I do it. See real estate means if I say you in normal words, then property business. Now what options can you have in property business? Let's understand this. You may have one option that you become a builder. Becoming a builder means that you start doing constructions, you start building buildings and you sell them.

Make flats, make floors and sell them. And apart from this, you can also do commercial projects. There are many types of projects. So this is how to work as a builder and the second one is to work as a dealer. Now working as a dealer means that you want to sell the builder's goods here. You want to sell flats, you want to sell floors, you want to sell shops. Who sells them? The dealer sells them. So you become a dealer. Now if you work as a builder here, then your capital will be involved. Means money will be required. If you work as a dealer, then yes, money will be required, but not as much as the builder The second thing is that here you can start your business with almost zero investment. So today we are going to talk about how you can come to this side and start working as a dealer and you can also become a builder by earning money.

So if you are on zero investment today, how you can start your business. Let's start. How will it start? I am going to tell you about it. Now what do you think who is earning more money? Builder is earning more money or dealer is earning more money? Well, you must have thought that if the money is of the builder, then he must be earning a lot of money, but it is not like that. I am telling you a fact here that if you become a good dealer and if you start making transactions here, in fact, you started making deals, so how much money can you earn? Being a dealer, you have no idea.

To make a builder a floor, let's say he is making four floors, to make a floor or to make four floors, it will take one and a half to two years and to get a dealer to close a deal here, it may take a month, two months, three months, four months. Let's take any idea. It can take a month to four months, but here the time duration will definitely be less with the dealer because he will get the deal done quickly.

Now what I want to tell you, understand this. I want to tell you that here you can do n number of deals but the builder here cannot make n number of properties until he does not have the capital to make it. So the dealer has the leverage that he can sell the goods of many builders, but the builder himself has to invest capital and make it. Well, here the builders consider themselves kings because they have invested money, but in fact, the kings of the market are the dealers. They are the real kings. Let me tell you why. The reason is that if the dealers have customers and the builder does not have it, then the builder is helpless. The king is the one who has the customer because who has the money, the money is with the customer.

Now the person who has money, the customer has money and he is with the dealer. So the person who has money, he is the king. So here the importance of the dealer is very much in today's date. Now I am going to tell you things with facts and figures. In fact, I am also going to tell you the income potential that being a dealer how much you can earn. So you may feel that dealers do not earn much. According to the people around you, you may think that they earn a lot because you think what you have seen around you. But let me tell you there are some companies which are growing very fast and those companies are getting into the dealing business. So let me give you an example. If you are on the side of Delhi NCR, then you must have heard the name of an investor's clinic.

Now in fact, it is a brokerage firm, a brokerage company. Brokerage in the sense, as a dealer is working and there are many other companies that are working as a dealer and they are earning more money than builders. So step by step we will move forward and we will learn what you have to do. Now I am assuming that if you have capital, then you can do a lot of well and But I am assuming that you have zero investment.

There is no money, but it is a dream to move forward in the real estate. What to do? Let me not tell you. Learn from somewhere else. Who will tell you? There are very few people who will tell you how you can start your business with zero investment. If you have zero investment, there is no money today, then you have to earn money. You need money, but let me tell you that you need some more things. So there are four things, actually four things that you have to develop. If these are the four things that I am going to tell you, it does not matter to you if you have zero investment, but if these four things do not come, you will not be able to grow.

Number one, skills, you need skills. What skills do you need in real estate business? Number one skill, communication skills. If you do not know how to speak, everything will be chopped. Nothing will grow. The second skill is relationship building skill. The importance of relationship building is that if you are building a relationship today, they will earn you a lifetime. You should know how to build a relationship. After this, what other skills can be there? Networking skills, you should know how to build a network. Now there are many more skills, but these are prime skills. If you do not know how to speak, you do not know how to talk, then you will not be able to move forward. The second thing is that you do not know how to build a relationship, you will not be able to move forward. You do not know how to build a network. You connect with people, you get into the network. You connect with people, you get into the network. This is called networking.

Meeting people and then meeting other people. Building a connection. So if you do not know these three skills, you will not be able to move forward. So this is the first thing to develop. How will it be, we will learn now. In this, I am doing one more plus thing. It is very important to have an appealing personality. Now I will give you my example. Recently, a person came to me and said that I have 15 years of experience in real estate. I have my own real estate company. So although I wanted to hire him, but I rejected him for only one thing, on the personality. He knew how to speak, his communication was good, but I did not test his relationship building and networking. When he used to work, I would have known, but he said 15 years of experience, but after that, when he came to me, I am telling you the fact that he must have come on a bike, how he must have come, but despite that, he was getting a little smell. This is a very bad thing. This is a taboo. Because if I am sitting here, I am just hiring you.

I have become your employer, but when you are meeting with a client and you are getting a bad smell, the client will not accept. Clients will have a lot of people like you. So there is a very big negative point for you and I did not even want to teach him. I have not taken a contract here that a person will come to me, he is also asking for a salary and I will teach him first. I will train him, then I will hire an intern. His 15 years of experience has all failed. Just because his personality was not good. There is one drawback of his personality. Whatever happened to him that day, he came for an interview, he should have come well. If he is not coming well for the interview, then how can I expect a salary from him. I am telling you, he kept a salary expectation of 30,000 rupees from me and I rejected him. Another person came to me who said that I have 5 years of experience and you know how much salary I kept him on.

I kept him on a salary of 75,000 rupees because it is worth giving 75,000 to this person for me. Because I know that if he makes one or two deals with me, my money will come out. Now I will tell you how it will come out and I can see that he can do one or two deals. This man is saying that he has 15 years of experience and is expecting a salary of 30,000 from me, but I am not ready to give him 30,000.

But whoever has skills here, the expectation does not matter much because he is seeing me that I will take it out and he also feels that he will take it out, then the work will be done and he will also stay. Let's move forward. After skills, the second thing you need is in real estate business. You need experience. Now the experience you are talking about, why do you need this experience? Now I will tell you that I tested this 15-year-old man who had 15 years of experience. Did I test him? Is he really experienced? The answer was yes. I asked him the rates of different places. I took the name of different localities. I asked him what rate is going on there, what rate is going on there. Apart from that, I also asked him some technical information. Maybe you don't know now, but there are many other things that you need to know in real estate. Where do you think the power of attorney is? Where is the registry fixed? There are many things, so you will know this when you have experience.

You can't read this from any book. You will know about every locality when you have experience. Where can the commercial work move forward? Where are the new projects coming forward? All this is not written in any book. You will know this when you have experience. So experience will come to you only after work. If you are at zero today, then this is not it.

You have to take it. I will tell you how to take it. The third thing is very important. Network. The networking skills that we talked about, what do you have to make with these skills? you are going to make a network and this network will earn you all your life. I am going to tell you that the actual money in the real estate is earned by those who have a network. You ask any big dealer who is earning money, who has a network and we will make this network soon. We don't have to spend 10 years to make a network. We have to make it soon. So how will it be made soon, I am going to teach you now. After this, this is the most important mindset. After coming to real estate, people's thinking is very important. This man's expectation after 15 years is of ₹ 30,000. Just think what he must have done. I don't think he did anything because he worked for 15 years. If he was doing a job of ₹ 25,000-30,000 and he is expecting ₹ 30,000 today, then what did he do for 15 years? What mindset did he develop? In the real estate business, after 15 years, I am telling you, suppose I hired this employee today.

What do you think after 15 years, he must be earning ₹ 75,000, he must be earning ₹ 1 lakh, he must be earning ₹ 2 lakh. No, more than that, much much more than that because the real estate business is like this. This is the well of money. I tell you a fact or statement, the real millionaires are from real estate. Now why do I say this, I will give you an example of this. I told you that real millionaires are from real estate. Now some people will be controversial. Sir, Millionaires are not made from the stock market. Millionaires are not made from the stock market. They are made from all sides, but what happens is that the one who has a real asset, he is a real millionaire. He is growing on the stock paper. But you understand one thing, if you have studied commerce, I was a science student, but this is taught to every child of commerce that real estate or property, your land that is the only asset whose depreciation does not happen.

Land is the only asset whose depreciation does not happen. Means its rate does not go down. Why? Because the land is limited, the population is increasing. The rate of real estate has to increase. It is absolutely a fact. No one can stop the rate of real estate from increasing. As long as a person has a child, he will need real estate and as long as he needs real estate, the value of land will increase. I am not talking about flats or floors or apartments.

I am talking about real land. The value of land will always increase. So if we talk about land, then the real millionaires earn money from anywhere, but they definitely invest in real estate. Now you must have seen a lot of videos where they say that it is useless to invest in land. There is no appreciation and it is useless. But the one who has land, he is the king in actual. Sometimes you go to such places where there are rich people. There are real millionaires, whether they show off or not, but they have land. Real millionaires, they really have land. So because of having land, they become rich and become rich in no time. Because it is land, but if you do not have it today, then you have to learn to develop it. And now I am not talking about how long it will take you to develop it. It is a long time. Now the thing is, if you are getting money in the middle of a transaction, this transaction money, very few people understand it. People talk about stocks.

Look, I will tell you, I will talk about a future plan. People talk about buying a stock, buying a mutual fund, buying a policy, buying insurance, it will be very beneficial. Do you know where is my focus? My focus is less in buying and more in selling. People who want to buy, they want to buy insurance. They need it. They are helpless. So I will sell it. If I am selling, then I am getting a 35% profit or more or less, less in some and more in some.

There is a lot of money here. If I say that people want to buy real estate for themselves, buy it. We will sell it. We have to sell it because not 1000 people, but 100,000 people want to sell. I have to see how many people I can help in selling because people want to sell and people want to buy. There is money in selling. People want to buy mutual funds. People want to buy insurance. So if you sell it, you make more profit. Look, understand the transaction-based things here. Transaction-based things mean that the more transactions, the more money will come. Because I am going to tell you the same thing. Let's move forward. Let's start first. We were on zero investment. We said that you have to develop four things. So number one, we said that you have to develop skills.

On number two, we said that you have to get experience. On number three, we said that you have to develop a network. And on number four, we said that you have to develop a network. Now, what I am going to tell you, understand it very carefully because I said that if you are near zero investment, you do not have investment and you have to develop all this, then the one who does not have money has only one way. How to understand that one way? Look around you. There must be some good dealers who are doing good business in real estate. I am talking about dealers. I am talking about real estate agents who have their own small business, small but doing well. You go to that dealer and you have to quietly request him for one thing that give me a job. Maybe he will give you a job or not, but most of the dealers need people. So they can give you a job. You say clearly Sir, I have to learn now. I am fresher, but I am ready to give my 100%. I have to earn now. You do not give me a salary in the first month.

You think and go. In the first month, you think that you will not get a salary for three months because you have come to learn now. You are getting to learn for free. Real, so you tell him that it will not happen that he will not give you a salary for three months. No one is so bad, but what I mean to say is that when you say such a thing, your chances of getting hired increase. Sir, I am ready to work. You do not give me a salary, but give me work.

I am ready to do it. I want to learn. I want to grow. I need a job. You say this. Now what will happen, you will go to one place, you will go to two places, you will go to three places, you will get a job. What will be the benefit of coming to this job, now you have to understand. The dealer you go to, you will not be alone. He may have four people already.

You join one more, he will have five people. Now there is a saying in English that you are the average of five people you spend your time with. Now the five people you will stay with, you will become like that, but with these four people, you will also get skills, you will also get experience and you will also get a network and you will also learn to make a network. But these four people do not have one thing, which you will not get with them, that is mindset.

Because if any of them will have a mindset, then he will be moving forward very fast and after a while he may start doing his business. So if there is such a person, then it is very Because I gave you an example, there is an experience of 15 years, but the salary expectation is 30,000. So in 15 years, I will not be able to stand. So here you understand the thing, you will not get a mindset from these people. The mindset may be that you are the owner of that property, the business that the person is running, you can get a mindset from the owner of that. And where will you get the mindset, now you understand it. This dealer will work for you when he will keep you on the job. He will give you leads because you will also have to develop leads for this. He will tell you how to develop leads. So there are multiple ways in which leads are developed and he will give you some direct leads. I will tell you where he will give you direct leads. What will you have to do in these leads, you will make calls on them.

Generally, the work that happens, I am telling you, it may be something else, but 90% you will get this work. You will call on it and get site visits done. Now when you have a client to visit, now the client may have come to buy. It may also come for rent. You get money on both. Now the person who is coming to buy, in fact, he is coming to take on rent. Is that man poor? No, if a person has a property of ₹ 1 crore, a property of ₹ 2 crore, a property of ₹ 5 crore, or in fact, he is taking on rent, he is taking an office of ₹ 1 lakh or an office of ₹ 50,000.

So these people, these clients are rich. They are rich and now you have to understand one thing that I talked about making a network. It will be made with these people. This network will earn you money. Your job is to learn from that job. You are getting a salary from the job. Very good. You will get incentives along with the salary of the job when your deals will be cracked. You can also get appreciation. You got this, but keep it in your mind that you came here to learn as soon as possible and earn money.

And the biggest thing that you have to earn, money does not make a difference. If you make a network once and learn to make a network, then it will earn you money. Now, suppose you did a job for 2 years. Do not waste these 2 years because understand what I am going to tell you now. We will add a little bit of digital marketing here because there are very few people in today's rate who know these things. and as soon as you are going to add that digital marketing, after two years, your business will run like this, your own business. You will not understand because the dealers were bringing the leads and you will bring it, there will be a difference in how it will come. Now wherever you were going, where there was inventory, now what is inventory? Inventory means where the plot is available, the flat is available, the floor is available, the villa is available. Whatever things are available, we call it inventory. This is our inventory. We have to sell it. So don't waste this inventory. You are going to this inventory. You are meeting its owner.

You are meeting the builder. You are making a connection. You are making a network, but you request them, Sir, I want to do digital marketing of your real estate. For that, I want to take some photos and videos. 6 out of 10 people will give you permission. You will get 4 ideal. It doesn't matter to you. 6 out of 10 people have given you permission. You make their videos and put it on YouTube and Facebook. You put videos on YouTube and Facebook.

What will happen with this? You will get leads. Now when you will get leads, from where you are getting salary, that person will say, these leads are coming, let's convert them. You will tell him, Sir, you were giving leads till now. Now I am producing leads myself. So you tell me how we will work on this. I am comfortable with what you will say. So it is possible that if you are bringing your own lead here, then your employer will tell you that if you are bringing the lead, then we will work on 50-50.

Or maybe some people want to earn more money. He said, I will take 60%, I will give you 40%. Maybe he said, I will take 70%. Whatever condition he keeps, you agree. What am I saying, whatever condition he keeps, you agree. Even if he is giving you 10% on your generated lead, it doesn't matter. Money doesn't matter now. What will matter, I will tell you. As long as you are getting resources from here, you are developing leads, your videos are being made. You see, what time is coming, when I am getting 2-4 leads per day from the internet without doing anything.

The day you get 2-4 leads per day, it is the time to start your own business. Now let me tell you, when there is a dealer, what does he do? If he is doing well, then he takes packages. What does he take? He takes packages. He generally takes the lead from 99acres, magic bricks, Packages are taken here, but you think I can also take packages. If you think you can take packages, then I will tell you a mistake that people do. These are good dealers. The packages they have taken are 2 lakhs, 3 lakhs, 2.5 lakhs, multiple 3, 3, 4, 4 packages have been taken. An investment of 7.5 lakhs. On magic bricks, he must have taken two packages of 2 lakhs. An investment of 4 lakhs. He must have taken another package of 1 lakh on You see his investment, here almost 11, 12, an investment of 12.5 lakhs. I am telling you about one person who is a good dealer.

Someone must be investing 12.5 lakhs or 2 lakhs, but people think that we will also take packages. We will also take packages of 10, 20,000 here. Do you know what will happen after taking packages of 10, 20,000? I will tell you. Whenever a person visits these websites, the lead that is generated here, they send the lead first. Premium package, who have taken a thick package, like a big dealer has taken. Today, if we are also working, I have my own company, which is working in real estate. I am telling you this calculation because we have taken these packages ourselves. Now when someone visits here, then the premium packages, they get the lead first. Suppose I got the lead first. Now there will be some more people like me. I have invested more, so there will be limited people like me. 4-5 people have the same lead. Among them, who talked, suppose a client talked to 2-3 people, he visited, he decided in 2-3 days that I have to take this, I have to take this, but the people who have taken cheap packages of 10, 20,000, 30,000, they get the lead after 5 days, after 4 days, after 3 days.

Now in 3 days, suppose my company showed people the sites, made them visit, made them happy. The guy is ready to finalize. Now up to this point, he had gone to 3-4-5 places. As soon as the lead came, the first day, the second day, but what does he see from the third and fourth day, the client that I have 10, 10, 20, 20, 30 phones coming daily. He gets worried and as soon as the phone comes, you are looking for real estate. No, I have seen it. No, don't call, don't worry because the client goes crazy. You think, you are seeing something first. One, two or three people called. You have done the comparison. You have seen the thing, but after that, you start calling 10, 20, 30 people. What will you say? Cut. He is worrying for no reason. When you do this, it is not that the average does not come out here. The law of average will come out here too. The saying of the companies that sell these packages is that the more you are investing, the more you will get the worth.

The more you are investing, the more you will get the worth. You are investing 10, 20,000, you will get 10, 20,000 and then see what is the mentality of the people who buy cheap packages. Their mentality is, look, I don't have any disease. Even if I have a deal in a month or two, I have to live a relaxed life. What will they do? They will take small packages, open a shop and sit and put a banner on the shop. People will call on this banner. Some leads will come from here, some leads will come from there. They feel that we are doing real estate business, but they are just passing time because if you want to play big, then I am going to tell you what will happen next.

Look, there are different products in real estate. Plot sells the fastest. Why does this plot sell? Because builders buy it. Builders have to make something. Builder has sold 4 floors, what will he go to buy next time? He will go to buy a plot. Plot sells the fastest. If you take out the list of the owners of the plot, take out the data, you will have to work for it. You will have to work in the market. But if you do this work, you took out the data. After that, you said that you want to sell. Now what did you do? If you bought a job for 2 years, you bought grass. No, you made a network. Now a plot has come. You think this plot is at a good location. Its rates are good. You have 100 builders connected at that time. You made these 100 builders lose their phones. Your plot will sell overnight. It means that your plot will be your deal within 10 to 15 days. It will be a deal within 10 to 15 days. Now let me tell you one thing. When a client buys a property, he asks for a time of 2 months, 3 months, 4 months.

But when a builder buys something, he makes a payment within 1 to 2 months. So if you have sold something worth 5 crores, consider an average plot of 5 crores. You sold it. You will get a commission of 1% from the builder. You will get a commission of 1% from the owner of that plot. You got 5 lakhs from here. You got 5 lakhs more. You got 10 lakhs. Within how much time? Within 1 to 2 months. You could not earn that from the job. You earned it from the network. There is a lot to teach you in real estate. Because this is a very versatile field. Now I am just giving you an example. You must be enjoying it.

Oh man, so much can happen. But see where you are starting from. I told you that if you have zero investment, start with a job. Because you will get to learn from there. And if you don't know, you will not be able to do anything. It is better to learn than to hit your hands and feet. Now finally I am telling you.

Today I am giving you a small action plan. If you want to work on that, you can work on that. Because I want. See why am I teaching you all this? What is my benefit? My benefit is that you guys become self-made. Do anything. You start your own business. You start your real estate business. You start your affiliate marketing business. You start your network marketing business. You start your own company. You do whatever. But you move away from the company of other people who are sitting idle, who are not doing anything. Who are sitting with only a negative mindset. Nothing will happen in life. If you do something, it will happen. Why am I telling you all this? Why am I showing you a big picture? Because it is your benefit.

It is your benefit. I have no benefit from making a video on YouTube. If you feel that most of the people who make videos, some will come from AdSense, some will come from Facebook monetization. It definitely comes, but it is a very small amount. It is not my prime focus. What is my prime focus? That the people who are connecting, there are changes in their lives. If there is a change in your life, it makes a difference to me. So let me tell you an action plan on which you can work from today. See, if you want to start with a job, well and good. Some people don't even want to do it. What are you going to do? So let me tell you what you are required to do. First of all, you want to start.

You go to the area around you. Take a tour of your area. Now what you have to see there is how many builders are making floors. How many builders are making floors? You will see that construction is taking place in many places. Floors are being made. You go there and you keep the name of your firm. Make your own proprietorship firm. Nothing happens in the proprietorship firm. It will start on your name. You can talk to your CA. You print your card. It doesn't matter if you don't make a firm.

You keep your name. Now suppose you have kept your name. The star real estate. Let's assume that you have printed the name of your firm. You go to the builders and contact them and share your card there. Sir, what range are you selling? Take specifications from that. how much you are making, what is the range, what is the demand. Now you have asked the demand. The builder will tell you. The builder will entertain you because he wants to sell it. He feels that an agent has come to me, a dealer has come and he can sell it on my floor. He will share it with you. I am making a floor of 500, my demand is of 3 crores.

He will tell you. He told you. Now if he has some ready-made things, ask him if you have more projects going on. You asked if there are more projects going on. He said yes, 4 more projects are going on, two of which are ready to move in. So you can say that those who are ready to move in, can I do their digital marketing. He will say yes or no. There are two options. He says you can do it. So you can say that I would like to visit there. I will take some photos and videos and I will put it on the internet. Clients will come from this. Some people are specific that no one should copy our designs.

Do not show us. So you can get such a rejection, but it is not a rejection. You go to the law of average. If you talk to 10, they will allow 5 or 6. So if you are allowed, then go there again. What you can do, the next step what you can do, you can put those real estate on YouTube. In fact, wherever you can do free listing, there are a lot of free listing websites. In fact, you get a free account on Magic Bricks and 99acres, where you can put it, but there are not many inquiries on it. But yes, you can put. At least the work will start. Because I had to teach you how to work with zero investment.

So here you have also done free listing. After doing free listing and after putting it on YouTube, suppose you do not have much. Only two leads come. Give your 100% and go and show the floors of this builder. You showed the floor there. You did this for a year. It will take time because you do not have much experience. You will not know a lot of things. The client will say that he is a completely new man. He does not know more than this. But that's a fact. We do not know. So that's why I suggested you that you can do a job. If you do not want to do it, then I am giving you another action plan.

So here if you did this for the whole year and you cracked one or two deals. Now what happens in the builder floor, if you liked your personality, you showed that you are working continuously, then the builder gives you a commission of 2% instead of 1% and you are getting a commission of 1% from the client. So if you sold something for ₹ 3 crores, then 2% of ₹ 3 crores is ₹ 6 lakhs and you get ₹ 3 lakhs from the client. It has become ₹ 9 lakhs. You earned ₹ 9 lakhs in the whole year. So you beat the package of an average engineer in India. You are seeing this real estate business. Now if you want to play a little big, people want to play big. Look, if I know the same thing today, then what will be my own planning if I am doing something.

Why would I want to sell one property, two properties, three properties, when I know that suppose 10,000 floors are being sold in my city and 10,000 of 10,000 will be sold because there is a client. The builder is making it then. So if we sell these 10,000, it will take time, it will take brain, it will take team, it will take efforts, but if there were 9 lakhs in selling one, then I am not telling you that how much will it take to sell this much, how much money will come.

I am not telling you, calculate it yourself and calculate and comment below. If you have a good thought and a good thought builds up, then you can make a company, but this company is more than skills, network and experience. It stands on the mindset. Now the financial education that I am giving you today, some people know it, some people know it, but they do nothing. The whole game is of mindset and IQ. This IQ, I have said it again and again, this is the implementation quotient. How soon do you apply after learning something? How soon? If you have a network once and you have learned to bring clients, it will take time because there are many things that I cannot teach you at once, but I am telling you that a big person who has a network at today's date, who has a network at today's date, who has clients at today's date.

Builders stand with folded hands in front that sell our goods, get us sold. Now the game of percentage ends here. Now I am telling you a big game. What did I tell you? We were going from small level to big level. Now let's talk about a little bigger level, which can be your future vision plan. A project is being made in which there are 300 flats. Let's assume that the builder wants to sell 300 flats at a rate of 50 lakhs. Now the matter of commission ends here. Now the thing comes, if you have a network and there is a client, you deal with the builder and say that give me 150 flats out of 300, I will sell it. You sell 150 as you like. I will sell 150 and you will give me a rate of 40 lakhs. You are selling for 50 in the market, but I will give you 40 if I sell it. If you want to do a deal, then do it. If you don't want to do it, then don't do it.

Now the builder will see that 150 are being sold. It's okay. He will listen to you. Now you are going to get something above the commission. If you sell something for 50 lakhs, then the commission of 50,000 would be 10 and if you take 50,000 from the party, then 1 lakh would be left. But now what is the big game here that you have saved 10 lakhs into 150. It will take time to reach here, but it is not that it will take 20 years or 30 years. If you work, then you can reach early and as I gave you an example, which is not a big company. I take the example of Investors Clinic because I actually felt that they have built up something big. This is something good that they have built up and it is an inspiration for you today. So you learn from them. The big players in the market should always learn from them. In fact, I am also learning. So I am giving you a vision. If you do it in one place and in the same way, 5,000 societies are being built in India and leave 5,000, you have done this in 50 places.

I can't tell you how big this game is and how much money it can earn you. So I told you in the starting that there is money in real estate, but the most money is in selling. Sell it. 1, 2, 3, 4, 4 1, 2, 3, 4, 4.

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